What can I do if I ordered to the wrong address?

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Unfortunately, if you have already placed the order, the delivery address cannot be changed afterwards. Please contact us via support@nakedoptics.net. If we are still able to cancel your order, you will get your money back immediately and you can then order again in our online shop to your correct address.

If we are not able to cancel your order, there are two options:

  • The package will be delivered even though you provided the wrong address: In case it is just a small address error (e.g.: no or wrong door number) we know that there is a chance that the delivery company still delivers the package.
  • The package can’t be delivered due to the wrong address: In case that the package cannot be delivered as a result of the wrong address, the delivery company will return the package to us. We will reach out to you in this case and you can choose between a re-delivery or a refund.

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